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Find out about different plans made for different computer needs. Each choice comes with a unique mix of memory, CPU, transfer and SSD, making them flexible for a wide range of uses.

512MiB1 vCPU500 GiB10 GiB$0.00553$3.75$42.75
1 GiB1 vCPU1,000 GiB25 GiB$0.00893$6.00$68.40
2 GiB1 vCPU2,000 GiB50 GiB$0.01711$11.50$131.10
2 GiB2 vCPUs3,000 GiB60 GiB$0.02589$17.40$198.36
4 GiB2 vCPUs4,000 GiB80 GiB$0.03571$24.00$273.60
8 GiB4 vCPUs5,000 GiB160 GiB$0.07298$49.00$558.60
16 GiB8 vCPUs6,000 GiB320 GiB$0.14583$98.00$1117.20
1 GiB1 vCPU1,000 GiB30 GiB$0.01041$7.00$79.80
2 GiB1 vCPU2,000 GiB60 GiB$0.02232$15.00$171.00
2 GiB2 vCPUs3,000 GiB90 GiB$0.03571$24.00$273.60
4 GiB2 vCPUs4,000 GiB110 GiB$0.04613$31.00$353.40
8 GiB2 vCPUs5,000 GiB160 GiB$0.07291$49.00$558.60
8 GiB4 vCPUs6,000 GiB240 GiB$0.09821$66.00$752.40
16 GiB4 vCPUs8,000 GiB300 GiB$0.14286$96.00$1094.40
16 GiB8 vCPUs9,000 GiB480 GiB$0.19196$129.00$1470.60
32 GiB8 vCPUs10,000 GiB640 GiB$0.29017$195.00$2223.00
1 GiB1 vCPU1,000 GiB20 GiB$0.00893$6.00$68.40
2 GiB1 vCPU2,000 GiB40 GiB$0.01785$12.00$136.80
2 GiB2 vCPUs3,000 GiB55 GiB$0.03125$21.00$239.40
4 GiB2 vCPUs4,000 GiB80 GiB$0.04167$28.00$319.20
8 GiB2 vCPUs5,000 GiB95 GiB$0.06250$42.00$478.80
8 GiB4 vCPUs5,000 GiB150 GiB$0.08333$56.00$638.40
16 GiB4 vCPUs8,000 GiB200 GiB$0.12797$86.00$980.40
16 GiB8 vCPUs6,000 GiB320 GiB$0.17113$115.00$1311.00
32 GiB8 vCPUs10,000 GiB410 GiB$0.26488$178.00$2029.00

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