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Highly scalable and affordable object storage

Make unstructured data storage and delivery easy, reliable, and affordable with our S3-compatible object storage, including a built-in, powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Do more with Spaces Object Storage

Spaces Object Storage complements local storage to help your business scale. Globally availablestarting at $5 per month for 250GiB with 1TiB of outbound transfer—inbound bandwidth to Spaces is always free.

Excellent performance and simple to use

Designed for applications requiring high requests per second (RPS), Spaces ensures high read and write operations performance, maxing out at 1500 RPS per client IP address, and is simple to use.

S3 compatible

Use the large existing ecosystem of S3 tools, utilities, plugins, extensions, and libraries to manage your Spaces Object Storage easily

Built-in content delivery network (CDN)

Our built-in CDN can reduce web page load times, improve performance, and reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs by caching assets across 200+ geographically distributed servers.

Easily migrate your data to Cloudtopiaa Spaces Object Storage

Move data from other cloud providers to Spaces buckets using our preferred migration partner, Flexify.IO, with no downtimes whatsoever. Flexify.IO provides a data transfer platform to easily migrate data between different cloud storage accounts to Cloudtopiaa Spaces. You have two options:

Option 1: “Do it Yourself” (DIY)

Use the free version of Flexify.IO from the Cloudtopiaa marketplace and spin up a Droplet to facilitate the data transfer.

Option 2: Paid Approach

Visit Flexify.IO and choose between paid self-service and managed services options to transfer data from other cloud providers to DigitalOcean Spaces.

Store large datasets for training AI models

Reliably store large datasets required for big data analytics and train AI/machine learning models. Deliver static web assets such as images, JavaScript, CSS, videos, text, and time-series data.

Video streaming

Object storage plus a CDN enables video streaming applications to serve engaging experiences while preventing buffering or stream crashes by caching media on the local CDN server to speed up requests.

Software delivery and file sharing

Object storage with a CDN allows faster and more reliable file sharing and downloads of software libraries and containers, regardless of size.

Storing backup files and logs

Archive backup and log files with capacity that automatically scales to store multiple files of any size easily—and you only pay for what you use.

$5 per month

Start with one bucket and add up to 100 of them, adding or removing buckets as you go.

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250 GiB


1 TiB

outbound transfer


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additional transfer

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Introduction to DigitalOcean Spaces: Simple, reliable object storage with built-in CDN

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