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Archiving emails quickly and easily

Backup of data and ensuring compliance with regulations

Never lose an email and make sure you follow rules when it comes to keeping data secure

Keep Your Inbox Secure by Blocking Almost All Viruses, Malware and Spam Before They Reach You

With Incoming Email Filtering, you can get a lot of benefits

  • Complete Inbox Protection at Great Prices
  • Very accurate email filtering
  • Easy Setup and Configuration
  • Ensuring Email Continuity and Backup
  • Different Report Options Available
  • User-Friendly Interface for Easy Email Control
  • Increasing Employee Productivity
  • Works with Any Mail Server

The way we filter incoming emails is like a strong wall. Many harmful things, like spam and viruses, are stopped before they reach you. With our simple screen, it's easy to control everything. If your email system goes down, you can also read and respond to emails waiting for you online. This way, new emails will keep coming in without any problems.

Are you worried about risks to your IT network?

If your inbox is full of bulk emails you don't want, it's clear that you need a professional incoming filter. Keep spam, viruses and other malware risks out of your inbox at all costs!

How it works

Your emails go via the Spam Experts filter when your domain is configured with the Incoming Filter and filtering is turned on. It requires no additional setup and checks emails in real time. When it detects spam, it ignores it and directs valid emails to your inbox. The user-friendly Spam Panel and email reports make everything simple to control. Put an end to handling spam and concentrate on your work while maintaining control.

The benefits of outgoing email filtering include:

  • Prevents blacklisting issues.
  • Protects your brand and IT systems' reputation.
  • There is a way to avoid list removal costs.
  • Make sure your outgoing emails always get sent.
  • It helps your team work better.
  • It makes it easier to manage misuse issues.

What does "outgoing filtering" mean?

It is important to use outgoing email filtering to protect your IT infrastructure's reputation and ensure that all outgoing emails are delivered securely. This unique solution actively stops viruses and spam from leaving your network, which keeps your IP address(es) off of blacklists. The Spam Experts Outgoing Filter also gives you the tools and reporting options you need to find accounts that have been hacked and stop scammers from misusing them.

What makes it important to you?

Have you ever had your network send spam emails without you knowing? Devices that are vulnerable to your network could send spam or malware without meaning to, compromising your network's security. This is why it's essential to buy an excellent Outgoing Filter. Protect your company's reputation, stop spam from going out, and stay off of blacklists to make sure your emails get to where they're supposed to go without any problems.

Email Archiving provides you with all of these advantages

  • Complete Filtering for Incoming and Outgoing Emails
  • We guarantee the Archiving of your emails
  • Assurance of Legal Compliance
  • Better performance of IT systems
  • Data protection management that is easy to use
  • Email continuity, journaling support and easy re-delivery are other features
  • Safe and Secure Encrypted File

Email Archiving

Email archiving keeps both sent and received emails safe and accessible in the future. It's a great way to get back emails you accidentally deleted or lost, fast audit responses, protect intellectual property in emails and attachments and make "e Discovery" easier during legal processes.

Why you should get it ?

Have you ever been desperately looking for an important email from the past, knowing that if you didn't find it, you could get fined or lose business? You can avoid these kinds of problems with a reliable Email Archiving option. Archiving emails is necessary to keep a backup of all your emails and follow the rules and regulations.

Email exchanges are legally binding, so keeping up with the rules is a big worry for businesses. For legal reasons, some industries demand that all email messages be backed up safely.


What is Email Archiving and why is it necessary?

Archiving emails means keeping both sent and received emails safe for later use. Finding lost or deleted emails, making audit answers easier, protecting intellectual property in emails and helping with legal processes all require it.

How does Incoming Email Filtering work and what are its benefits?

Before getting to your inbox, incoming emails are screened to stop spam, viruses and other malware. It protects your account well, filters emails correctly, is easy to set up, keeps emails going, gives you many reporting options and makes your employees more productive.

What is Outgoing Email Filtering and why is it important?

Using outgoing email filtering ensures that emails sent are secure and follow guidelines. It stops blacklisting problems, protects the brand’s reputation, keeps removal costs low, delivers emails, boosts team productivity and handles misuse problems.

Why is it crucial to invest in professional Email Filtering solutions?

Professional Email Filtering solutions are vital to prevent spam, viruses, and malware from compromising your network’s security. They protect your brand’s reputation, maintain email continuity, ensure legal compliance and secure your emails.

How does Email Archiving help with legal compliance and data protection?

Email archiving helps with legal compliance by keeping all emails safe, ensuring that data is held and making it easy to access emails during proceedings for “eDiscovery” reasons. It keeps email records safe, protects private data and preserves email records.


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