Day: April 10, 2024

Using Words in JavaScript: Easy Guide Introduction: A string is like a bunch of letters, numbers, or symbols stuck together. In JavaScript, strings are basic things we use to show text on a computer screen. They can’t change once we make them. Since we use text a lot when we’re using computers, strings are super […]

Exploring JavaScript Data Types: A Comprehensive Overview Introduction: In programming, data types are like categories that help organize information. For example, numbers and words are different types of data, and in JavaScript, they’re treated differently. Why does this matter? Well, knowing the type of data you’re working with helps you do the right things with […]

Adding Notes to Your JavaScript Code Introduction: When we write code, we often focus on making sure the computer understands it. But it’s just as important to think about the people who will read and work with the code. Whether you’re part of a team or working solo, you need to learn how to add […]

Adding JavaScript to HTML: A Beginner’s Guide Introduction: JavaScript, often shortened to JS, is a programming language used for web development. It’s a vital part of the web, along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript makes webpages interactive and helps build web applications. Most modern web browsers support JavaScript without needing extra plugins because they have […]


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